Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My New Crochet Kitty

Here I am FINALLY working on another post. I think I have a hard time blogging because I am not a good diary keeper (that includes simple food journals!) I promise I am going to make a valiant attempt to have a post for each new project I make even if it is just for my family or friends, not just my shop! As I go along I will try to develop different topics, but I have to start with baby steps!

That being said, my newest completed project is my cream colored crochet kitty. I bought this Amy Gaines pattern http://www.etsy.com/listing/79778290/sale-amigurumi-kitten-pattern-crochet and thought "Wouldn't that be fun with fuzzy yarn. you know kinda like a Persian cat or something?" So I bough a yarn that's a blend of mohair, wool, acrylic, and polyester with a wonderful 40% off JoAnns coupon. Doesn't it look perfect for a long haired kitty?

So I grabbed my suggested crochet hook from the pattern and started right in. Everything was going great until I realized I had too many stitches. Um, yeah the cute strands of "fur" get all twisted together it is a royal pain to undo my stitches.

Don't get me wrong, the pattern is nice and easy; it was the materials I was using with the wrong hook that was causing the problems. I have decided that next time I am either using the suggested yarn or the suggested hook for the yarn.

I believe in finishing what I start and honestly didn't realize the yarn had a suggested size until I had all but 1 leg and the tail done. Ooops! Here is what I got:

I have learned while working with novelty fur that fur can be teased out of the stitches nicely with a plastic bristle brush. Otherwise it ends up more like this

The more you brush the fluffier it is. This tail was a real pain. I am diffidently using a bigger hook!

Now that the body is done it is time for the personality to make its appearance in the face

Looks like a real kitty now doesn't it?



  1. That Kitty is Adorable. This post made me smile because of the way it was written.Reminds me of myself and blogging a little.Wonderful job.