Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Newest Projects: Turtles and a Crab!

Crab shell, underbelly, and 1 claw

Turtle patches and tail

Turtle body

Niece's turtle

Yes 3 projects at once! There is reasoning to my madness. First, I make things as gifts too and forget to start them before I start a new (or finish and old) project. In this usual scenario, I found a patchwork knitted turtle I started on almost 2 years ago and decided to finish it after which I realized my niece's 1st birthday party is the 2nd of September and needed a quick gift for her. I am making my niece a cute little (palm sized) turtle that I can finish tonight.
The third project is a crab I started in June and was completely distracted by summer. The crab is more difficult only because I am converting the original pattern I have to 1:2 ratio, if I am tired the numbers just don't work the way I want them too.
Please forgive the glare on my red crab. The color is horrible to try to take pictures with! I have his shell, under belly and 1 claw done. I have some of the patchwork and body done on the patchwork turtle completed and all the pieces done on my niece's turtle. I will be sewing the pieces together tomorrow.

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