Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I finally got everything together! Palette Pete the Patchwork turtle is up on my etsy shop and I have all his "baby" pictures and finished pictures to upload NOT through my phone. I apologize for my phone pictures not uploading at all.

This little project was 2 years in the making only because I kinda forgot about the poor guy after I had my youngest. Making the pieces was easy enough, but stitching them together was interesting. The shell went together good, but I had to stitch the, shell, tummy and shell rim together all at once and I refused to pin it because I made this for little ones and I was afraid of losing or forgetting some. Otherwise I loved watching Pete come together and be bright and colorful.

Next time I make this turtle I am making the rim last because the instructions didn't give me total number of rows or how long it should finally end up being and I didn't think to make a note of it (oops!). I am also going to use a seed stitch and garter stitch on some of the hexagon patches to make different textures.

I fixed Cecil the Crab's face. He originally had a stitched face, but it really didn't fight him, so I gave him button eyes and he is much happier. Here he is in my etsy shop!

Here is my Facebook page for all my pictures!

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